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Representativesof excellent organization awards

Count up the final results

Plansof new sports products

Tao Hong, Image Ambassador of Sports FilmWeek


Shi Xuping aired opinions

Give scores cautiously


Group photo of the jury

JiangXiaoyu, Chairman of the jury, gave a speech

GuoBenmin, Executive Chairman of the jury, unveiled the evaluation rules

Jury members communicated with PresidentAscani

FrancoAscani, International President of FICTS, gave a speech

Judgeswatched the participating works attentively

Theevaluation for the participating works of Sport Movies & TV MilanInternational FICTS Festival

washeld in the Central Newsreel and Documentary Film Studio

The site of theOpening Ceremony

Group photo of guests

gavea speech

GuoBenmin presented a certificate to the Image Ambassador Tao Hong

Film audiences


Preparation before the screening

Postersof the 7thBeijingInternational Sports Film Week

Audiences waiting to get in

DirectorGu Jun answered questions of the audiences

Interview the creators of one-minutemicrofilms

Screening sites at Garden of EverlastingSpring (Changchun Yuan)

TheDeputy Chief Director of BTV announced new film plans

JiangXiaoyu, Vice President of Beijing Olympic City Development Association(BODA),gave a speech

PresidentAscaniand Gu Jun attended SportsNight of Beijing Sports Radio

Ascani, Jiang Xiaoyu and Ding Baizhi announced theopening of Beijing International Sports Film Week

Plan of soliciting “Enjoy Sports” one-minute microfilms


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