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The 1st conference of the OrganizingCommittee

The team of Director Zhang Xinyuan

ZhangXiangxiang and Lin Peng interacted with each other

The team of Director Yao Qingtao

The team of Director Xu Jun

Image Ambassador Lin Peng

The team of Director Wang Miaoxia

The team of Director Tian Bo

Chang Shilei and Yuan Yawei, singers of MyDream, the theme song of 10-day Competition

Flag-giving ceremony of the 10-dayCompetition

Group photo of the 10-day MicrofilmCompetition

The10-dayMicrofilm CompetitionTeams kicked off

The inaugural ceremony of 10-day MicrofilmCompetition

The 10-day MicrofilmCompetition kicked off

The draw ceremony for the 10-day MicrofilmCompetition

Draw for the 10-day Microfilm Competition

Shi Xuping was interviewed

Lin Peng and directors of the 10-dayMicrofilm Competition

Lin Peng and the Olympic championsparticipating in the Opening Ceremony

The team of Director Li Jian

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony(2)

Opening Ceremony(3)

The team of Director Hu Jingqi

The team of Director Du Hai

Gueststhat attended the Opening Ceremony had a group photo taken

The team of Director Zha Shan

WangWei, Vice Chairman of BODA, conferred banners to young directors


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