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Yong’an Rescue Salon

Skiing Theme Salon

One Foundation Rescue Salon

AntarcticaTravelling Salon

Review Wall of the 10thAnniversary of Beijing International Sports Film Week

Photo exhibition of outdoor sports

Wingsuit Flying Salon

Well-knownMountaineer Wang Yongfeng Salon

Salon of Travel to Brazil by Shi Xuping(senior judge of Beijing )

Meeting with Director of The First Jump

The audience meeting of the film DivingHigh

Meeting with the major creators of Diving High

On-site exchange with the directorof The Sacred Arrow

Mr. Liu Jingmin participated in the sportsculture exhibition of Beijing International Sports Film Week

Liu Jingmin announced the opening of the 10thBeijingInternational Sports Film Week

Exchange with the major creators of the opening film The Sacred Arrow

Beijing municipal leaders conferred flagsto young directors

Some winning directors reviewed theexperience of participating in Beijing International Sports Film Week

Former winning director representatives

JiangXiaoyu gave a speech at the 10thBeijing International Sports FilmWeek

Video of President Ascani

Olympic Family Chorus

Opening performance of Olympic FamilyChorus

The site of the Opening Ceremony


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