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Beijing Screening at the 32ndSport Movies & TV Milan International FICTS Festival

2015-01-26 Source:

On December 4th, Jiang Xiaoyu, VicePresident of Beijing Olympic City Development Association(BODA), appeared atthe Opening Ceremony of the 32nd Sport Movies & TV MilanInternational FICTS Festival

On December 4th, Beijing Delegationappeared at the Opening Ceremony of the 32ndSport Movies & TVMilan International FICTS Festival

On December 5th, Jiang Xiaoyu made aspeech on the general meeting of FICTS

On December 5th,Jiang Xiaoyu, Vice President of BODA, and Franco Ascani, President of FICTSattendedthe Opening Ceremony series activities of Beijing Exhibition togetherwith representatives from member countries of FICTS

Jiang Xiaoyu andAscani took photos together

The 32ndSport Movies & TV Milan International FICTS Festival officially opened in the evening of December 4th (Milan Time). Chinese delegation attended the Opening Ceremony as well as other member countries’ delegation. China, member country of FICTS, also served as branch host of the 32ndSport Movies & TV Milan International FICTS Festival. China will hold a series of activities of Beijing Screening.

FICTS held a general meeting on December 5th(Milan Time). Jiang Xiaoyu, Vice President of BODA made a speech on the meeting on behalf of Beijing International Sports Film Week and BODA, stating achievements by Beijing International Sports Film Week. Jiang put an emphasis on achievements after cooperation with Sport Movies & TV Milan International FICTS Festival, suggesting strengthening international sports cultural communication and expanding development room for more sports films.


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