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The 10th Beijing International Sports Film Week Opened in Beijing

2015-01-26 Source:

The Opening Ceremony of the 10th Beijing International Sports Film Week and the 10th anniversary celebration were held at the China Millennium Monument in Beijing on August 12th, Wang Xi from reported from Beijing.

Beijing International Sports Film Week, as an important legacy of the Olympic sports culture which aims to promote the development of China’s sports film and find more sports film directors with creative thoughts, is celebrating its 10th anniversary ahead of the opening of Nanjing Summer Youth Olympic Games.

The 10thBeijing International Sports Film Week set the theme of “A decade devoted to sport filming dream”, hoping to play a positive role in China’s endeavor to be a world sports power by combining sports with civilization development and integrating arts into China’s harmonious society development. The sports week will also play its part actively in bidding work of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

The Film Week will host the collection and evaluation of sports movies and TV works for the Global Final of the 32ndSport Movies & TV Milan International FICTS Festival’s. In addition, there will be a series of activities such as sports film display, sports culture exhibition, sports film salon, opening ceremony and celebration of 10th anniversary of the Film Week to be held at THE China Millennium Monument from August 12th to 18th.


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