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Ascani Made a Speech at Beijing Film Academy

2015-01-26 Source:

Franco Ascani, President of FICTS, member of the IOC Commission for Culture and Olympic Educationand sports administration professor of University of Milano–Bicocca, invited by the 8th Beijing International Sports Film Week, made a wonderful speech at Beijing Film Academy in the afternoon of November 16th, 2012, Bo Ya from Hong Kong Wen Wei Po reported from Beijing. The topic of Ascani’s speech was The Relationship between Olympic Games and Sports Films, Athletes and Actors: Stars, Heroes, Champions and Legend. He also answered questions put forward by the students from Beijing Film Academy.

In the speech, Ascani talked about his own experiences in film production. By taking history of Olympic Games and the success of Beijing Summer Olympic Games in 2008 for example, he said that the sports films can not only influence and develop people but also play an important role in boosting the development of sports, elaborating the relationship between sports and films, Olympic and mass communication.


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